Black Summer Season 3 Release Date Set on Netflix – Plot, Cast & More

Black Summer Season 3 is back soon with the deadly and heartbreaking story of the zombie apocalypse.

Black Summer is a deadly zombie apocalypse series created by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams. It was released on Netflix in 2019 with a new zombie story. The show is a spinoff of Z Nation and produced by the same production company which ran successfully for five seasons between 2014 and 2018. Black Summer Season 2 drops eight new episodes on Netflix in June 2021 where the deadly zombie apocalypse takes a deadly and heartbreaking turn.

Although season 2 of Deadly Survival has left plenty of cliffhangers, fans’ expectations continue to rise as they hope to resolve all questions. This article will help you find the future of the zombie apocalypse and learn about Black Summer Season 3.

Black Summer Season 3 Overview

Series Name:Black Summer
No. of Seasons:2
No. of Episodes:16
Country Of Origin:United States
Original Language:English
Original Network:Netflix
Original Release Date:April 11, 2019
Season 3 Release Date:Early 2024 (Expected)

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Black Summer Season 3 Released Date

Black Summer aired on Netflix in 2019 and season 2 of the show dropped in June 2021. However, no announcement has been made about Season 3 by the network. The makers have kept the fans of the show in suspense as to why the ending has left many questions.

Black Summer Season 2 came just two years after the previous season so again two years have passed. We are expecting that season 3 will come in early 2024 with new storyline.

What can we expect in Black Summer Season 3 Plot?

New story will once again feature the deadliest summer of apocalypse. Where the zombie apocalypse has created a terrible situation all over the world and people will be seen in a more violent form. Rose’s tireless journey to find her daughter Anna will lead to more betrayal and danger. Also more important and dire situations will be navigated in this new season.

However, all these are based on our guesses, all the answers will be clear only when the show is re-televised in the future. We know the horror of the new season will start from the end of the previous season because there are many answers that have not yet been resolved.

Who will We See in the Black Summer Season 3 Cast List?

Upcoming cast list will see the arrival of some newcomers along with the old characters. The lack of quality of some of the characters has been noticed by the viewer even from the constant presence but still the focus is on the four main characters in both seasons.

We are documenting all the characters below.

  • Rose stars as Jaime King, a mother separated from her daughter during the zombie apocalypse and faces deadly days.
  • Justin Chu Cary as Julius James, a criminal with the identity of “Spears”.
  • Christine Lee as Ooh “Sun” Kyungsun, a Korean woman searching for her missing mother.
  • Sal Velez Jr as William Velez, a pole lineman whose sister and children are in Texas.
  • Erika Hau as Carmen, Manny’s girlfriend.
  • Kelsey Flower as Lance, a young man living without his family.

Also we hope to see more important characters in the new season.

Black Summer Season 3 Trailer

No trailer is available for Season 3 yet. Netflix will release a new trailer before announcing the release date of the new season. If you want, you can enjoy the trailer of the previous season of the show, it will increase your interest more.

Will There Be Black Summer Season 3?

The story of the zombie apocalypse attracted everyone from the beginning, the number of fans around the world is huge. Also the previous season left a lot of questions that need to be resolved.

As we have already seen there was a gap of two years between the first and second seasons. Right now we see that two years have passed since season 2 ended in 2021 so maybe something will be announced about the new season soon.

Black Summer Rating

Rotten Tomatoes58%


We have given you all the information about Black Summer Season 3 although no information has been released by Netflix yet. The program was successful from the start but due to the pandemic there was a slight impact on the schedule.

We hope the makers will announce the show soon to answer all the questions. Based on previous timings we can say that this is going to happen in late 2023 or early 2024.

However, like you, we are very excited to know the story of the new zombie apocalypse. If any new information about the event comes out, it will definitely be updated on our website.

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Q: What caused the zombies in Black Summer?

Ans: In Black Summer everyone in the world got infected by the ZN1 virus and turned into zombies.

Q: How many seasons of Black Summer anime are there?

Ans: Black Summer has a total of 16 episodes, two seasons have eight episodes each.

Q: Are any Z Nation characters in Black Summer?

Ans: The Black Summer series takes place one year before Z Nation and does not involve any of the original cast.

Q: Who is the woman in Black Summer?

Ans: Christine Lee, who plays the role of Kyung Son, a refugee who survived the zombie outbreak in Black Summer.

Q: Where to watch Black Summer Season 3?

Ans: Season 3 of Black Summer will be available on Netflix in future.

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