Destination Fear Season 5 Release date – Renewal Updates

Fans of paranormal series need to know about Destination Fear Season 5 release date. American most popular paranormal television series Destination Fear is airing on Travel Channel since 2019. This paranormal show has created a strong fan base through thrilling, mysterious, scary and adventurous activities.

Destination Fear season 5 Release Date

The story of the show revolves around the exploration of haunted locations by four friends. It successfully completed four seasons and received positive response from viewers as well as critics. Destination Fear season 5 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, Rating, Storyline and other questions can be answered from this article.

Destination Fear Season 5 Renewed or Canceled

Many speculations about Destination Fear Season 5 are currently published although nothing has been announced by the Travel Channel. Some time has passed since the end of Season 4 but till now there is no official update from the authorities. According to many predictions, the production company may not bring season 5. Many have given different information about the show being cancelled.

However, all the speculations were blown away by a post made by the team on February 14, 2023. They said it was all rumor and Zak Bagans didn’t cancel season 5. Actually the show is working on location and planning everything else, so season 5 is coming for sure. Be patient because Destination Fear Season 5 will be renewed.

Destination Fear Season 5 Overview

Series Name:Destination Fear Season 5
Total Seasons:4 (Four)
Total Episodes:49
Status:Upcoming Season
Genre:Adventure – Horror – History – Reality
Country Of Origin:United States
Original Language:English
Runtime:42 Minutes
First Aired On:October 26, 2019 (USA
Season 5 Release Date:late 2023 or early 2024
Destination Fear season 5 Release Date Quick Info:

Destination Fear Season 5 Release Date

Travel Channel has not announced any information about Destination Fear season 5 Release Date. It is expected that an official announcement will be made soon. Destination Fear season 1 officially announced and premiered on October 26, 2019, season 2 released on April 29, 2020, season 3 premiered on October 24, 2020, and season 4 premiered on November 25, 2022. Every season of the show has been successful so surely we have to wait till season 5 comes. We expect Destination Fear season 5 to release in late 2023 or early 2024.

Destination Fear season 5 Release Date

Destination Fear Season 5 Cast

Destination Fear Season 5 cast list must have some important names because the new season is incomplete without them. Below are the cast members expected to be present:

  • Alex Schroeder
  • Chelsea Laden
  • Tanner Wiseman
  • Dakota Laden

Destination Fear Season 5 Storyline

Destination Fear’s paranormal story is full of mystery thriller adventure from the beginning. The process of paranormal search for this story is quite challenging and unique. From the beginning, we see four friends spending a night alone in various haunted places in America.

Although for this work they have to face horrible conditions. They take the help of all kinds of technology in this work because it is necessary for them to capture the evidence of every thing.

In the upcoming season we will see a wider chapter of this experience. Maybe their research will be more terrifying and involve the Avengers. We will see them through a stronger test of courage in season 5. Hopefully their new investigation into the supernatural will be more terrifying.

Destination Fear Season 5 Episodes

Travel channel has not yet confirmed about Destination Fear Season 5 renewed, so there is no question of having new Episodes here. The show airs in two batches every year i.e. season 4 we saw aired on 25 November 2022 and ended on 13 January 2023 so we have to wait some more days for new episodes.

Destination Fear Season 1 had 10 episodes, Season 2 had 14 episodes, Season 3 had 16 episodes and Season 4 had 8 episodes. So maybe season 5 will have 10-15 episodes.

Destination Fear Season 5 Trailer

Destination Fear Season 5 trailer is not available yet. New trailer will come before Destination Fear Season 5 release date. The cast of the show gives various updates of the previous shooting on social media platforms, you can enjoy them. Also watch the previous season trailer.

Where To Watch Destination Fear Season 5?

Your favorite paranormal series is currently available on various streaming platforms. If you want, you can watch episodes of Season 1 to Season 4 of Destination Fear on Discovery, YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV, Philo TV, Sling TV on all these platforms.

Destination Fear Rating

Rotten Tomatoes88% Audience Score


We have tried to provide all information about Destination Fear Season 5 in this article. We will be happy if you are satisfied after reading this article. However, we are not able to provide all the information as the event has not been announced yet. However, if any information is published in the future, it will definitely be updated on our website. So please bookmark our website


1. Is Destination Fear a true story?

Ans: Destination Fear is a show based on a fictional paranormal story.

2. When is the new season of Destination Fear on Discovery+?

Ans: We have to wait a little longer to see the paranormal activity in the new season of Destination Fear. When the show is renewed it will be available on Travel Channel and Discovery+.

3. Who are the cast members of Destination Fear?

Ans: We’ve seen four members of the team since the first in Destination Fear so hopefully we’ll see them in Destination Fear Season 5.

4. When will Destination fear return?

Ans: While there is nothing official about Destination Fear Season 5 return, we expect Destination Fear to return in late 2023 or early 2024.

5. Has Destination fear been renewed?

Ans: Destination Fear Season 5 will be renewed as it has been revealed through social media that location and other things are being worked on for the show.

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