Leverage Redemption Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer & More

Important information has been reported by Amazon Freevee Channel about Leverage Redemption season 3 release date. American action-crime-drama television series Leverage: Redemption is the reboot of the famous Leverage series. Leverage first premiered on July 9, 2021 on Freevee Network. The show was created by John Rogers and Chris Downey and produced by Josh Schaer and Josh Schaer, who also served as Co Executive Producer and Supervising Producer.

Expectations were high as the series followed the Leverage masterpiece. So the show has tried to maintain the characters and ideas of the original series from the beginning though it has been appreciated by the audience.

The show is to face a new type of villain with The Hitter’s new tech genius and corporate fixer. So if you are curious about Leverage Redemption season 3 release date and want to know the future of the show then this article will give you all the answers.

Is Leverage: Redemption Renewed for Season 3?

We understand the expectations of those who are waiting for Leverage Redemption Season 3. No information has been released regarding the renewal or cancellation of the 3rd season of the series by the makers but we expect some news about the show to come out soon.

Season 2 of the show ended on January 24, 2023, so not long ago. Viewers have loved the story of this show so much that they keep waiting for the new season. We have to be a little more patient to know the renewal status of the show.

Leverage: Redemption Season 3 Overview

Series Name:Leverage Redemption Season 3
Total Seasons:2
Total Episodes:29 (Season 1,2)
Genre:Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Country Of Origin:United States
Original Language:English
Original Network:Amazon Freevee
IMDb Rating:8.2/10
First Aired On:9 July, 2021
Release Date:Early 2024 (Expected)
Leverage Redemption Season 3 Release Date Quick Info:

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Leverage: Redemption Season 3 Release Date

Leverage Redemption Season 3 Release Date

No information regarding Leverage Redemption Season 3 release date has been published by The Amazon Freevee Channel yet. It is not yet clear if the status of the show is renewed or canceled at the moment. Some hints regarding the show have surfaced suggesting that it is in the works and may arrive by 2024. Not knowing for sure if the event is coming in the future, it could be sometime in 2024 or 2025.

Leverage: Redemption Season 3 Cast

As there is no knowledge about the Leverage Redemption Season 3 release date so it will be a bit difficult to tell the cast list. Below are the names of the cast we can expect.

  • Gina Bellman as Sophie Devereaux
  • Christian Kane as Eliot Spencer
  • Beth Riesgraf as Parker
  • Lucy Taylor as Bligh
  • Aleyse Shannon as Breanna Casey
  • Noah Wyle as Harry Wilson
  • Andrea Navedo as U.S. Marshal Maria Shipp Blanche
  • Keith David as Billy Spencer
  • Aldis Hodge as Alec Hardison

Leverage: Redemption Season 3 Trailer

No official trailer has been announced for Season 3 by Freevee at this time. In future new trailer will be updated on our website if available.

Where Can I watch Leverage: Redemption?

If you want to enjoy the show, you can find the Leverage: Redemption streaming service available on Amazon Prime Video. If you are subscribed to this network then you will be able to enjoy the season 3 of the show in the future.

Leverage Redemption Season 3 Storyline/Plot

Leverage Redemption Season 3 will actually pick up from the end of the previous season. Sophie and other criminals are back after eight years of silence to take everything from rich people. They are in no way sorry to exact anything from these violent greedy and cruel people.

However, rich people have such strong emotional status due to their power that all their needs are always easily fulfilled. If someone is killed in the trap, they move on without a care. In humans have surrounded themselves with sophisticated systems of investment and savings schemes.

We hope the new season will introduce us to more quality stories where greed and hatred must bow to good.

Leverage: Redemption Season 3 How Many Episodes?

Leverage: Redemption Season 3 renewed news has not yet been released by the network, so it’s a bit hard to say how many episodes there will be at this point. We can consider the episode count of Season 3 based on the previous seasons of the show. Season 1 had 16 episodes and was divided into two parts of 8 each and Season 2 had 13 episodes.

Viewers have enjoyed every episode with amazing storylines. Going by the episodes of the previous seasons of the show, we can expect that the upcoming Leverage Redemption Season 3 may have episodes between 13 and 16.

Will there be a Season 3 of Leverage Redemption?

The network has not revealed any exact information about whether upcoming Season 3 will come. Due to the success and positive response of the previous seasons, we can expect Leverage Redemption season 3 to come in the future.

So we have to wait a bit more and we will update in our website if any new information regarding the event comes out.


We have tried to give all the information regarding Season 3 in this article. If any new information about the event comes out in the future, it will definitely be updated on our website. Please bookmark our website verityscreen.com to get new information in the future.

FAQs Regarding Leverage Redemption Season 3 Release Date

1. How can I watch Leverage: Redemption season 3?

Ans: Leverage Redemption Seasons streaming service is available on Freevee network.

2. Is Leverage: Redemption coming back in 2023?

Ans: It has not been announced clearly whether Leverage Redemption Season 3 will return in 2023.

3. Was Leverage: Redemption canceled?

Ans: Nothing has been released yet about Leverage Redemption Season 3 being renewed or canceled by the network.

4. Does Netflix have Leverage: Redemption?

Ans: Leverage: Redemption isn’t available on Hulu or Netflix, the show’s streaming service is available on the Freevee network.

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