Midnight At The Pera Palace Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast & Trailer

Midnight At The Pera Palace Season 2 is going to delight the audience by showcasing the beauty of Turkey in all its facets.

Midnight at the Pera Palace is a Turkish time travel historical drama television series that was released on March 3, 2022 on Netflix. The show is directed by Emre Şahin and produced by Karga Seven Pictures Turkey and Red Arrow Studios. It stars the talented Hazal Kaya, Tansu Biçer and Selahattin Paşalı.

Midnight at Pera Palace is inspired by Charles King’s historical non-fiction book Midnight at the Pera Palace: The Birth of Modern Istanbul. The show is a fan favorite for its family content, although there is an emphasis on comedies and sci-fi dramas.

The engrossing series, created in a blend of Istanbul’s historical intrigue and mystery, will once again transport viewers to the world of the Pera Palace Hotel. Right now fans of the Netflix Turkish original series are waiting for Midnight At The Pera Palace Season 2. This article will help you to solve all the curiosities about the show.

Midnight at The Pera Palace Season 2 Overview

Series Name:Midnight at The Pera Palace
No. of Seasons:1
No. of Episodes:8 (Season-1)
Country Of Origin:Turkey
Original Language:Turkish
Available Language:Turkish
Original Network:Netflix
First Aired On:March 3, 2022
Release Date:Not Announced Yet

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Midnight at The Pera Palace Season 2 Release Date

Netflix has not confirmed the series’ renewal status or announced the show’s release date. Its first season was released on March 3, 2022 on Netflix and has started discussions among fans about second season.

Since a year has passed the end of the first season, it seems reasonable for us to wait. You have no reason to worry as there is still plenty of time for the next season to emerge.

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Midnight At The Pera Palace Season 2 Plot/Storyline

The show blend of cinematic story with stunning visuals has been appreciated by the audience. Season 2 will maintain the same vein and bring out more heartwarming moments.

However the show’s commitment to historical accuracy and cultural context sets it apart from the rest. We hope that the story will once again immerse the audience in the moral dynamics of the sights, sounds and social context of 20th century Istanbul.

We know you’re anticipating possible plotlines, character arcs, and more depth to romantic entanglements. Maybe season 2 will be able to fulfill some of these desires of the audience.

From the very beginning the show has introduced interesting threads and given viewers a deep understanding of the interconnected lives within the Pera Palace. Upcoming story will surely seize the opportunity to establish its legacy as a historical drama.

Midnight at the Pera Palace Season 2 Cast

Season 1 put many characters at the crossroads but their journeys will become more interesting for the next installment. However, in the Season 2 cast list we will see some new faces along with familiar faces. Although Hazal Kaya, Tansu Biçer and Selahattin Paşalı’s presence is confirmed in the new season.

Midnight at the Pera Palace Season 2 Trailer

No trailer is available for Season 2 as the makers have not issued any official statement. We will definitely update if any new information comes out in the future.

Midnight at the Pera Palace Season 2 Rating

Rotten Tomatoes91%

Where to watch Midnight at the Pera Palace Season 2 ?

Season 2 will be available on Netflix as the show has been available on this same network since its inception.


The excitement for the news of upcoming Season is only amplified by the memories of the charming storytelling of the first season. Although the complex character development along with the historical richness and the promise of visual excellence combine to inspire a new season.

However we promise to bring you back to the enchanting world of Pera Palace as we will update in the future of our website if any information comes out.

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Will there be a season 2 of Para Palace?

Season 2 is not yet to be announced and is set for a fascinating journey.

Does Pera Palace have romance?

Turkish drama Netflix original Turkish drama full of romance, mystery, entertaining characters.

Does Midnight at Pera Palace have a season 2?

Season 2 has started filming so will release soon.

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