Overflow Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled? Details

Overflow Season 2 is again going to reveal the relationship of romantic characters in Japanese anime.

Ecchi anime genre is a bit difficult to discuss because this genre of story is not prioritized for some obvious reasons. The series is based on Overflow: Iretara Ofureru Kyodai no Kimochi by Kaiduka with an interesting theme that easily grabbed the audience’s attention. Romantic moments with a college student named Kazushi Sudou and his classmates become the subject of events.

This anime series was written by Eeyo Kurosakia and created by Rei Ishikura. The first season of Overflow was released on 6th January 2020 and was appreciated by mature viewers for covering romantic scenes.

The story of this Ecchi anime series was wrapped up early with eight episodes for obvious reasons but still fans are waiting for new season of Overflow. This article will help you to know more details about upcoming Season 2.

All About Overflow Season 2

Overflow is one of the Ecchi anime series, this manga has a decent story with romantic moments. The first season of Overflow was released on 6th January 2020 and the last episodes were released on 24th February 2020. The story of this anime series revolves around a college student named Kazushi Sudou who gets involved with his classmates.

Kazushi’s Otome explores his relationship with Rin, Fumi, and Ayame and leads to an inappropriate situation. For the majority of fans who saw the story of the first season ending soon for some obvious reason that seemed too short, maybe for them Season 2 will come soon.

Overflow Season 2 Overview

Series Name:Overflow Season 2
No. of Seasons:1
No. of Episodes:8 ( Season 1)
Country Of Origin:Japan
Original Language:Japanese
Original Network:Tokyo MX
First Aired On:6th January 2020
Release Date:N/A

When is Overflow Season 2 Release Date Coming?

Ecchi anime series Overflow first aired on Tokyo MX on January 05, 2020. Although a lot of time has passed, nothing about Season 2 has been confirmed by the production studio so it doesn’t have a release date. According to reports, the anime series has been canceled but it is still not possible to navigate the ecchi genre properly.

We know that getting a sequel to an Ecchi series is a bit difficult but we should not lose hope. New season may happen due to good performance and build good fan base so we have to wait a bit.

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Overflow Season 2 Cast

The cast for Season 2 has not been announced but we will see familiar faces in the lead roles. Below are the important names:

  • Tsukuda Sadoro as Kazushi Sudo
  • Tomoe Tamiyasu as Ayane Shirakawa
  • Kyoko Mitsu as Kotone Shirakawa

Overflow Season 2 Story

Ecchi anime series Overflow’s story follows college student Kazushi Sudou. In the series, he is seen getting involved in relationships with various female characters. Here’s a romantic comedy that explores the complexities of three people showering together. We see Kazushi navigate the complex relationships within the story and explore his own feelings.

Navigating season 2 after the entire story of season 1 is over is a bit difficult. We know that sequels in this genre are a little tricky, but if the show does, we will definitely see more complexity and depth in the relationship through the romantic moments.

Overflow Season 2 Trailer

No information is available about Season 2 trailer as nothing has been released officially. If you want you can enjoy the previous trailer of this manga series because this ecchi genre trailer will make you more excited to know about upcoming season. If any new trailer is released in the future, you will definitely get it on our website.

Overflow Season 2 Episodes

Various sources have reported that Season 2 has been canceled by the makers but the truth is still unclear. This ecchi anime series was released in January 2020 and had only 8 episodes. If by any chance new season is released then the episode count will be eight like before.

Overflow Season 1 episodes list-

(1) In the Bath with Two Soft Sisters.
(2) She Is Amidst a Dream Next to Me.
(3) Two Hearts Getting Closer.
(4) A Flushed Body Going Wild.
(5) Two Excited People in Hiding.
(6) I’ll Tell You What’s in My Heart.
(7) Under an Apron-Wearing Temptation.
(8) Fully Captivated by Sisters.

Which studio is responsible for creating Overflow Season 2?

It has not yet been confirmed which studio will be in charge of producing the Season 2 anime manga. Studio Hokiboshi is well versed in creating ecchi anime, so Season One has done quite well. All things considered, having the same studio would be quite compatible.

Where can I watch Overflow Season 2?

Season 2 of Overflow will not be available on some important platforms due to explicit content. The first season of the show aired on Tokyo MX so hopefully the second season will air on the same platform.

You can also find the uncensored version of the series on the ComicFesta Anime website so getting the show at your fingertips is now much easier. You can also enjoy the same when new season is released in the future.


We have given you all the information about second season of Overflow in this article. We hope you are happy with your answers. As no exact information about the event has been released yet we cannot say anything clearly. If some information is officially released in the future, you will definitely know, so you can visit our website regularly. Thank you.


1. What is the story of the overflow anime?

Ans: The Overflow anime series tells the story of a college student named Kazushi Sudou who gets involved in various romantic relationships with his classmates.

2. Is Overflow worth watching?

Ans: Overflow is an ecchi anime that will appeal with quality, voice, acting are all very impressive.

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