Plunderer Season 2 Release Date – Renewal Updates

The highly anticipated Plunderer Season 2 release date has taken center stage right now and is buzzing with excitement in the minds of anime enthusiasts.

Plunderer is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Suu Minazuki. The series is licensed by Yen Press and started serialization in Kadokawa Shoten’s Monthly Shōnen Ace magazine in December 2014. This fantasy romance anime aired in 2020 with 24 action-packed episodes and ended on June 25, 2020.

The show was created by Japanese animation studio Geek Toys with intricate character expressions, stunning animations, and visual designs that made the anime a hit.

This article will help you know about Plunderer Season 2 Release Date and more, from exciting battles to fascinating mystery combinations that will take the excitement to a whole new level.

Plunderer Season 2 Canceled Or Renewed Status

The first season of the anime series ended on June 25, 2020 but there is no update about Plunderer Season 2 from the anime studio or producers.

According to earlier reports, the show was supposed to release in 2023 but that has not happened yet.

From the positive response to the first season we are sure that the show will have a sequel, we just have to be patient.

Plunderer Season 2 Overview

Series Name:Plunderer Season 2
No. of Seasons:1
No. of Episodes:24 (List of Episodes)
Country Of Origin:Japan
Original Language:Japanese, English, Spanish, Portuguese
Available On:Hulu, Funimation and Crunchyroll
First Aired On:January 9, 2020
Release Date:Not Announced Yet

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Plunderer Season 2 Release Date

Plunderer Season 2 Release Date

A release date for the upcoming season of Plunderer has been a hot topic among fans but Studio Geek Toys has yet to greenlight the show. The anime aired in 2020 on Tokyo MX, TVA, KBS, BS11, SUN and AT X, and was later released in various countries with English subtitles.

Despite the mixed reviews from critics and fans, the show is more likely to happen due to the high number of positive ones. However, as per our prediction, Plunderer Season 2 will happen in 2024.

What Happens in Plunderer Season 2 Storyline?

With the announcement of Season 2, the answers to fans’ lingering questions will be resolved. Maybe Hina’s quest will lead to a new revelation and Licht’s character will evolve as he uncovers more about his past. However, the unknown questions will be answered only after we delve deeper into this universe.

Plunderer Season 2 will focus on beloved characters and mysteries as they continue their fascinating journey. Expect Hina, Licht, and the rest to have an adventure that will challenge all boundaries and keep viewers glued to the screen once again.

Who can be in the list of Plunderer Season 2 Cast?

Licht Bach/ Rihito Sakai, voice by Yoshiki Nakajima (Japanese language) and Eric Vale (English language),

Hina Farrow voiced by Rina Honnizumi (Japanese language) and Sarah Wiedenheft (English language),

Jail Murdoch voiced by Yuichirō Umehara (Japanese language) and David Matranga (English language),

Lynn May voiced by Ari Ozawa (Japanese language), Elizabeth Maxwell (English language),

Nana Bassler voiced by Shizuka Itō(Japanese language),Caitlin Glass (English language),

Pele Poporo/Gespenst Zerlegen voiced by Aoi Ichikawa (Japanese language), Austin Tindle (English language),

Schmerman Bach voiced by Toshihiko Seki (Japanese language), Jason Liebrecht (English language),

Genji Akui voiced by by Yohei Azakami (Japanese language), lan Sinclair (English language),

Alexandrov Grigorovich / Alan voiced by Hiroki Tōchi (Japanese language), David Wald (English language),

Tokikaze Sakai voiced by Kaito Ishikawa (Japanese language), Ricco Fajardo (English language),

Kyouhei Suda voiced by Tomohito Takatsuka (Japanese language), Josh Grelle (English language),

Plunderer Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer available for Plunderer Season 2 because there is no official information. New trailer will be made available before release date is announced. The previous season trailer is available online for you to check out if you want.

Plunderer Ratings


Where Can I Watch Plunderer Season 2?

If you want to enjoy the first season of the anime series in English and Japanese languages, go to Hulu, Funimation and Crunchyroll as the show is available here. It is also accessible on Prime Video. Plunderer Season 2 will be available on the same platform if it comes in future.


Plunderer Season 2 promises the audience to enjoy a thrilling ride that will end the long wait of the fans. With the show’s unique premise, complex story, and visually stunning animation, this season’s new story is set to be a memorable chapter in the anime world.

Get ready to continue your journey into the fascinating world with Plunderer Season 2. In the future, if more new information about the program is released, it will definitely be updated on our website, Thank You.

FAQs About Plunderer Season 2 Release Date

Q: Will There Ever Be Plunderer Season 2?

Ans: Producers look to the source of a certain anime’s popularity and effectiveness to predict whether it will renew. However, there is no information about Plunderer Season 2 yet.

Q: Is Plunderer Season 2 Coming?

Ans: There is no announcement yet but hopefully Plunderer Season 2 will be released soon as the previous season got a lot of positive response.

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