Ruthless Season 5 Release Date: What You Need to Know

A suspenseful story with touch of crime and mystery, Ruthless Season 5 Release Date will be announced soon.

Tyler Perry will soon unleash his creative talents through the brutally dark world of the highly-anticipated Ruthless season 5. The series follows the dark and dramatic twists and turns of Ruth Truesdale’s life. Her unwavering determination to protect her family and empire transcends all boundaries.

The show premiered on March 19, 2020 on the BET Network. The exciting TV series has completed 4 seasons with strong female characters and diverse casts. Ruthless is at the peak of success attracting more than 2 million viewers per episode.

We know fans of the suspenseful drama with a touch of crime and mystery are waiting for Season 5. In this article we have provided Ruthless Season 5 Release Date and other exciting information.

Ruthless Season 5 Overview

Series Name:Ruthless
No. of Seasons:4
No. of Episodes:75 (Season)
Writer:Tyler Perry
Director:Tyler Perry
Music:Elvin Ross
Production Company:Tyler Perry Studios
Country Of Origin:United States
Original Language:English
Original Network:BET+
Available On:BET+
First Aired On:March 19, 2020
Release Date:N/A

Ruthless series Recap

Before knowing about Ruthless Season 5 Release Date we need to dive into the old story of the series. Take a moment to recap what this gripping series is all about.

Ruthless is a TV show where viewers witness shocking twists and turns including betrayals, revelations and character development. The story revolves around the intriguing world of a religious sect called “The Rakudushis” that is full of impossible anarchy.

Here the story explores dark secrets, power struggles and the brutal anti-social nature of this cult. It’s an exciting time for fans as the suspenseful storyline has intensified the anticipation for Season 5.

Ruthless Season 5 Release Date

The studio has kept all the information about the arrival of the highly anticipated show under wraps. Lack of accurate information has led to numerous speculations among entertainment enthusiasts.

Although we cannot provide specific dates but can offer some insights. The publication date stated by us may affect the exact time period. According to our expected calculations Ruthless Season 5 Release Date will be early 2024.

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Ruthless Season 5 Plot

The exact information about the plot of Ruthless Season 5 has not come out yet. We have the ability to predict based on previous seasons. Wrapped in drama, intrigue and betrayal, it will once again become a popular show.

Ruth’s uphill battle to save her family and empire will be highlighted more. Mayor Ramsey Sinclair can be expected to consolidate his power in Memphis.

The upcoming season will continue to deliver unexpected plot twists and moments of intense intrigue. Season 5 will answer these burning questions and determine the fate of the main characters and the future of Rakudushis cult.

Ruthless Season 5 Cast

The excitement for the new season is the introduction of new characters and unexpected events. We hope to see the main cast of Ruthless again in the fifth season.

The upcoming characters are given below:

Melissa L. WilliamsRuth Truesdale
Matt CedeñoMayor Ramsey Sinclair
Lenny ThomasDeacon James Morris
Matt RossBobbi
Yvonne Senat JonesTina Morris
Jaime M. CallicaJayson Waters
David Alan MadrickJay
Nirine S. BrownSarah Williams
Blue KimbleMac Morris

Ruthless Season 5 Trailer

No information has been released for the fifth season of Ruthless but it is very likely in the future. We hope studio brings out the new trailer soon.

Ruthless Season 5 Episodes

We don’t know anything about the episode number as the show has not been officially announced. We expect the upcoming season to have twenty-two episodes like the previous season.

Ruthless Ratings

Rotten Tomatoes90%

Where To Watch Ruthless Season 5?

All seasons of Ruthless are available to watch on BET+ and Amazon Prime Video.


Although the official release date for season 5 remains a mystery but we know it will be worth the wait. Fans can expect something deeper from the upcoming season as the story is consistently thrilling and suspenseful from the very beginning. We look forward to new news as Ruthless gets even more exciting in the future. Thank You.


1. When will Ruthless Season 5 be released?

Ans: Unfortunately, there is no update from the production team or the network about the exact release date.

2. Is Ruthless suitable for all ages?

Ans: Ruthless is recommended for mature audiences due to its mature themes and content.

3. Where I find more updates about Ruthless Season 5?

Ans: Follow the show’s official social media channels and websites for news and updates about the show.

4. Who are the main characters in Ruthless?

Ans: The main characters of Ruthless include Ruth Truesdale, Dikhan, and various members of Rakudushis cult.

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