Seaside Hotel Season 10 Release Date Set on TV 2 in Early 2024

Seaside Hotel Season 10 is soon to open the doors of seaside hotels for guests during the summer season. Danish television’s most watched fictional series Seaside Hotel is also known as Badehotellet. It is a Danish drama comedy series that has been airing on TV 2 since 2013. The storyline follows the lives of the guests and employees of a seaside hotel in South Skagerrak.

Although the main part of the show focuses on the social ups and downs of the lives of these three young people, Amanda, Fie, and Morten. The final season of the show aired in 2022 and depicted the summer of 1945. If you want to witness the sky, sea and limitless experience of Seaside Hotel Season 10 then this article will be your right choice.

All About Seaside Hotel

The Danish drama comedy series Seaside Hotel has been airing on TV 2 since 2013. The show begins in mid-1928 and follows the lives of the staff and guests of seaside hotels. The fictional series was the number one most-watched show on Danish television for four years. Seaside Hotel Season 9 aired in 2022, here the summer of 1945 is beautifully depicted.

In the main part of the show, we clearly see the social ups and downs of the lives of three boys named Amanda, Fie, and Morten. Seaside Hotel is also a great location for unlimited experience with blue water, deep sky and golden sand. Gaining a huge fan base over a decade, the series featured endless adventures and exciting events.

Seaside Hotel Season 10 Overview

Series Name:Seaside Hotel Season 10
No. of Seasons:9 (Nine)
No. of Episodes:55 (1-9 Seasons)
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Country Of Origin:Denmark
Original Language:Danish
Original Network:TV 2
First Aired On:Dec 30, 2013
Release Date:Early 2024 (Expected)

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Seaside Hotel Season 10 Renewed or Canceled Status

The Danish drama series debuted in 2013, although season 9 ended in 2022 and is set in the summer of 1945. Even after a year, the curiosity of the fans has not died down and they are showing interest in Season 10. The series has gained huge popularity since its inception but the officials have not yet confirmed about new season.

While there is no news at the moment, we are sure that the show will happen because many questions are not yet resolved so rest assured.

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Seaside Hotel Season 10 Storyline

New storyline will pick up after the exciting events of the last season. Since 2022, the doors of North Sea Seaside Hotels have not yet opened for summer guests but soon Season 10 is going to solve the unresolved questions of the previous season.

The storyline follows the hotel’s guests and staff. We also witness the intertwining lives of three young people named Amanda, Fie, and Morten, and their struggle to find a way to social upliftment and emancipation.

As the story recalls summer from the beginning, we will see summer in the upcoming season. Season 10 will delve deeper into each character and explore the hidden truths. Also the life struggle of the trio characters will be more illustrative.

Problems created by hotel guests will continue to impact the lives of employees and they will evaluate all problems together. More extraordinary twists will engage the audience with touching characters.

Seaside Hotel Season 10 Release Date

The show, which has been at the top of Danish television for four long years, has been expanding to TV 2 since 2013. Although at the moment TV 2 has not revealed anything officially for Seaside Hotel Season 10.

According to previous seasons it was supposed to be earlier this year but nothing is clear after so much time has passed. Season 9 aired in 2022 so a year has passed so maybe the network will release something soon.

We are expecting the show to air in early 2024 but for now we have to be patient to know the exact information about upcoming season.

Seaside Hotel Season 10 Trailer

There is no trailer available for Season 10 as nothing has been released officially. If any announcement is made by the production company of the show, it will be updated on our website.

You can watch the trailer of season 9 and its exciting moments will make you more interested to watch the new season. So wait a little longer for the new trailer.

Seaside Hotel Season 10 Cast

We can expect upcoming cast list to follow the familiar face. However we are documenting the names of our presumed cast below:

  • Ole Thestrup as Julius Andersen
  • Bodil Jorgensen as Molly Andersen
  • Peter Hesse Overgaard as Hjalmar Aurland,
  • Rosalinde Mynster as Fie Kjaer
  • Amalie Dollerup as Amanda Madsen Berggren
  • Morten Hemmingsen as Morten Enevoldsen
  • Cecillie Stenspil as Helene Aurland Weyse
  • Bjarne Henriksen as Otto Frigh
  • Mads Wille as Grev Ditmar
  • Sigurd Holmen le Dous as Philip Dupont
  • Ulla Vejby Edith Marie Jensen
  • Lars Ranthe as Grosserer Georg Madsen
  • Birthe Neumann as Olga Fjeldso
  • Kristian Halken as Peter Andreas Kjaer

Seaside Hotel Season 10 Episodes

The popular TV series Seaside Hotel, also known as Badehotellet, is a Danish drama comedy series. The 55 episodes of Seaside Hotel analyze the hotel’s unique qualities and some important aspects of guests’ lives.

However, after the release of Season 9, the doors of the hotel have not yet opened for summer guests, so it is not possible to say how many episodes will have. We expect the upcoming season to have between 5 and 10 episodes.

Where Can I Watch Seaside Hotel Season 10?

If you want to watch seasons of Seaside Hotel, it is available on Acorn TV and Amazon Prime. The rating (IMDb 7.9/10) of this series is very good so the show will entertain you enough. However, in future you can enjoy Season 10 on these platforms.


We have tried to give you all the information about upcoming season in this article. The drama, love and mystery of Seaside Hotel has clearly impressed the viewers. The audience witnessed all kinds of experiences of ups and downs of life with interesting stories. The upcoming season will help us similarly seek to find the truth.

We have to wait for some more time as the exact information about the event is not available at the moment. You can bookmark our website to get all the information about future events.


1. Where is the seaside hotel set?

Ans: Seaside Hotel is set in a seaside hotel in southern Skagerrak, NW Denmark.

2. Can I get Seaside Hotel on Amazon Prime?

Ans: Yes, all seasons of Seaside Hotel are available on Amazon Prime.

3. How many seasons of Seaside Hotel are available?

Ans: Seaside Hotel has nine seasons.

4. Is there another season of Seaside Hotel?

Ans: Season 9 aired in 2022 and depicted the summer of 1945 since then viewers have been waiting for Season 10.

5. Is Seaside Hotel returning for Season 10?

Ans: The last season of Seaside Hotel left many cliffhangers so we are expecting Season 10.

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11 thoughts on “Seaside Hotel Season 10 Release Date Set on TV 2 in Early 2024”

  1. Love this show. I saw where some cast members could be emailed; I did email the person who plays Edward W to ask how many languages he speaks, but did not receive a response. I’m sure the actors must be inundated with mail.

    Looking forward to getting more news about the upcoming season.

  2. My favourite show that I record in Delta British Columbia. Casting and direction are wonderful and do an excellent job with the script.

  3. Seaside Hotel is a great series! Beautiful scenery, great cast, love all the colors and details of the era. Great story line. So refreshing to be able to watch a uplifting story lovable characters ! I’ve just about given up watching TV series/ movies with all of dark dreadful movies that are being showed in 2023. Thank goodness there’s one worth watching Seaside Hotel please continue with many more seasons and episodes!!!

  4. I have fallen in love with the Danish people! This has been one of the best series ever! I can’t wait till Season 10 comes out. I would love to see more Danish shows like this & especially more of these actors.

  5. I began watching the Seaside Hotel this summer. I watched a couple of episodes each night. I love the storyline, and how well actors and the director developed the characters. The period costumes are perfect and the sets are well done. I related to the time period and how it is relevant to what is still going on in many parts of the world today. I recommended this series to many of my friends and they have found the series engaging and “addicting.” I look forward to Season 10 to see how some of the cliffhangers are resolved.

  6. We have enjoyed this series tremendously. Heddi lived on a farm in Jutland each summer in the late forties and early fifties, to the south of where this show is filmed. During the seventies we visited the sand dune coast to the west of Ringkobing Fjord each summer, living there and experiencing the coast, beach and bathing depicted in the series, with magical sunsets over Vesterhavet, the North Sea. The original Danish of the production is wonderful to listen to, with many nuances lost in translation, particularly the formal forms of address that have virtually disappeared from modern Danish society. The clarity of the diction brings back the language of our childhood. Heddi and Tony

  7. I hope the whole series will replayed as this is so entertaining and delightfully wholesome! Each week brought interesting stories filmed at a beautiful setting!


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