Shakespeare And Hathaway Season 5 Release Date, Plot, Cast & More

Shakespeare And Hathaway Season 5 is coming soon after successfully completing the previous four seasons.

British comedy drama mystery television series “Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators” is set in Stratford-upon-Avon. The crime drama is once again witnessing new and challenging investigations. This show produced by BBC Birmingham and Jo Joyner caught everyone’s attention as private investigator Luella Shakespeare.
The first season of the series aired in February 2018 and season 4 released in February 2022. It is known for its drama and mystery with each episode running time of 45 minutes. For this reason viewers believe that Season 5 will surely address the same issues.

We know you are very excited to know about upcoming season, we have tried to provide all information about Shakespeare And Hathaway Season 5 release date, cast, trailer, episodes, storyline.

Shakespeare And Hathaway Season 5 Overview

Series Name:Shakespeare And Hathaway Season 5
No. of Seasons:4
No. of Episodes:40 (1-4 Seasons)
Country Of Origin:United Kingdom
Original Language:English
Original Network:BBC One
IMDb Rating:7.6/10
Runtime:45 Minutes
First Aired On:Feb 26, 2018
Release Date:N/A

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Shakespeare And Hathaway Season 5 Cast

New season is incomplete without the previous characters so we hope to see new faces along with important faces in the show. Below are the names of the characters we can expect:

  • Jo Joyner as Luella Shakespeare
  • Mark Benton as Frank Hathaway
  • Patrick Walshe McBride ad Sebastian Brudenell
  • Amber Aga as as Detective Inspector Christina Marlowe
  • Tomos Eames as Detective Sergeant Joseph Keele.
  • Yasmin Kaur Barn as a police officer Deacon, Viola
  • Gloria Fonteyn as Roberta Taylor

Shakespeare And Hathaway Season 5 Release Date

First Season of Shakespeare And Hathaway debuted on February 26, 2018 and season 4 was released on February 2022 on BBC. The show has been a huge success since the beginning so at this moment fans are waiting for the new season. The makers are still in the dark about Season 5 release date as no official information has surfaced.

Although the producers have already shown little interest about the story of the upcoming season, it is a big hint for us that the show is coming. Maybe Shakespeare And Hathaway Season 5 is being saved for a Christmas special so we’ll have to be patient for the real news.

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Shakespeare And Hathaway Season 5 Plot

It is not clear to us how far the seasons of the show will go as the makers have not officially announced anything about Season 5 yet. However, we don’t know how clear the idea is about the upcoming story, but we can make some guesses based on the previous events. Frank Hathaway, a former detective inspector who finds himself again involved in various cases as a private investigator.

Frank Hathaway and Luella Shakespeare will get some updates to the story. Local Detective Sergeant Christina Marlowe’s suspicion towards Luella will open a new door. Frank, Luella and Sebastian will reveal their recovered savings to the audience one by one.

A borough of mystery and intrigue we are going to see in the upcoming season. Anyway for the new story‌ we have to wait a little longer.

Shakespeare And Hathaway Season 5 Trailer

There is no trailer available for Shakespeare And Hathaway Season 5 yet. The makers have not revealed any information about the show, if anything is officially announced in the future, the trailer will surely be made available. Anyway the new trailer will definitely be updated on our website

Shakespeare And Hathaway Season 5 Episodes

Shakespeare And Hathaway first aired in February 2018 with 10 episodes. Then the second series was released on 25 February 2019 and it also came out with ten episodes, keeping the same style one year later season 3 aired on February 2020 and the show was similarly successful with ten episodes. Then season 4 of ten episodes filmed in 2021 and released in 2022 on BBC One.

Despite the success of show the makers have not revealed anything about Shakespeare And Hathaway Season 5 so we don’t know the exact number of episodes. We expect the show to have ten episodes when it airs.

Where to watch Shakespeare And Hathaway Season 5?

Every season of Shakespeare And Hathaway is available on BBC One and you can enjoy them if you want. We know everyone is excited about the upcoming season so you need to know that in the future Season 5 will definitely be accessible on main network BBC One.


We have given all information about upcoming season in this article. We hope you actually got all the answers about the show. We cannot tell you anything for sure as there is no official response from the makers.

If any information about the program comes out in the future we will update it on our website so you can visit our website regularly, thank you.


1. Is Shakespeare and Hathaway Season 5?

Ans: No information has been release about Shakespeare & Hathaway but we expect something to be revealed about the show in 2023.

2. Where can watch Shakespeare and Hathaway Season 5?

Ans: In the future Season 5 will indeed be eligible for BBC iPlayer.

3. What is the last episode of Shakespeare and Hathaway?

Ans: The last episode of the show is I No More Desire a Rose.

4. Who is Shakespeare’s most popular character?

Ans: Shakespeare’s most popular characters is Hamlet.

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