Supernatural Season 16 Release Date, Plot, Cast & Renewal Updates

CW network’s upcoming American fantasy drama series Supernatural Season 16 has left the audience with enthusiastic response.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen humans clash with supernatural creatures so, their wait needs to be over. The story revolves around how two brothers face adverse situations by turning unnatural forces into their enemies. However, the curiosity of the audience is growing to know what they are going to do next and how to kill the enemies in the grave? Supernatural received 8.4 out of 10 on IMDb for its extraordinary story. If you want to know all the information about Supernatural Season 16 Release date, Cast, Story, Episodes, Trailer then please read our full article.

About Supernatural Season 16

Supernatural is an American television series filled with action, adventure, drama, mystery, dark fantasy, and horror. The series is shot in British Columbia, Canada and each episode has a running time of 38 to 45 minutes.

Along with exploring mythology and Christian theology, the story revolves around defeating the main antagonist, the demon. The series follows the story of two brothers who are monster hunters and face various problems while doing so.

The series Supernatural was created by Eric Kripke and The series was made under Kripke Enterprises, Wonderland Sound and Vision and Warner Bros. Television. Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Katie Cassidy, Lauren Cohan, Misha Collins, Mark A. Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, and Alexander Calvert.

The Supernatural series has received many awards and nominations. The show has won Constellation Award, People’s Choice Award, SFX Award, EWwy Award, Leo Award, Teen Choice Award, Young Artist Award and TV Guide Award.

The Supernatural series has been nominated for Golden Reel Awards, Hugo Awards Saturn Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards, GLAAD Media Awards, Fangoria Chainsaw Awards and more.

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Quick Info About Supernatural S-16

 Series Name:Supernatural Season 16
Genre:Horror, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller
Country Of Origin:United States
Original Language:English
Original Release Date:September 13, 2005

Supernatural Season 16 Storyline

Supernatural dark fantasy drama series follows two brothers named Sam and Dean who dare to fight against supernatural forces. Although close to this many adverse situations have to be faced. We have seen in the story their struggle to overcome this danger and win and fulfill their goals.

In the previous seasons, the audience couldn’t stop the curiosity to know something new even after getting their answers. Due to the extraordinary story of the show, one season after another has been in the hearts of the viewers, so they are waiting for Season 16. If for some reason a new plot is revealed in the future, then the scene of human conflict with natural forces will be more terrifying.

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Is there a Series 16 of Supernatural?

Supernatural is one of the CW network’s longest-running shows, although no official statement about Supernatural season 16 has been released yet. Even after getting all the answers, viewers did not stop asking questions about the revival and reboot of the show. Viewers may find it a bit difficult to say goodbye to a long-running love show after so many years, but this event is more likely to happen.

Supernatural Season 16 Cast

We don’t have any information about Supernatural Season 16 Cast. Maybe Season 16 won’t come because the audience questions have ended. If for some reason in the future new season comes, then we will see the familiar cast again. The expected cast members name are listed below:

  • Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester
  • Briana Buckmaster as Donna Hanscum
  • Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester
  • Emily Swallow as Amara / The Darkness
  • Christine Chatelain as Jenny
  • Spencer Borgeson as Dean Winchester Jr.
  • Shoshannah Stern as Eileen Leahy
  • Emily Perkins as Becky Rosen
  • Alexander Calvert as Jack Kline and Belphegor
  • Misha Collins as Castiel
  • Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer
  • Dimitri Vantis as Sergei
  • Christian Kane as Lee Webb
  • Lisa Berry as Billie / Death
  • Sarah Smyth as Bess Fitzgerald
  • DJ Qualls as Garth Fitzgerald IV
  • Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer
  • Anna Grace Barlow as Lilith / Ashley Monroe
  • Ruth Connell as Rowena MacLeod
  • Ty Olsson as Benny Lafitte
  • David Haydn-Jones as Arthur Ketch
  • Lisa Berry as Billie / Death
  • Sarah Smyth as Bess Fitzgerald
  • Christian Michael Cooper as Young Sam Winchester
  • Osric Chau as Kevin Tran
  • Rob Benedict as Chuck Shurley / God
  • Alessandro Juliani as Adam
  • Felicia Day as Charlie Bradbury
  • Meagen Fay as Mrs. Butters
  • Paxton Singleton as Young Dean Winchester
  • Jake Abel as Adam Milligan and Michael
  • Keith Szarabajka as Donatello Redfield
  • Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Jody Mills
  • Yadira Guevara-Prip as Kaia Nieves and Dark Kaia
  • Genevieve Padalecki as Ruby

Supernatural Season 16 Release Date

No official release date of Supernatural Season 16 has been announced yet, it may be renewed in the future. The show’s first season aired on The WB and was later adapted by The CW, so new story will indeed be coming to CW in the future. Hope the production company will announce any decision about the show soon. If any new information about the production of the show is published in the future, we will try to update it on this website.

Supernatural SeasonsAired On
Season 113th September 2005 to 4th May 2006
Season 228th September 2006 to 17th May 2007
Season 34th October 2007 to 15th May 2008
Season 418th September 2008 to 14th May 2009
Season 510th September 2009 to 13th May 2010
Season 624th September 2010 to 20th May 2011
Season 723rd September 2011 to 18th May 2012
Season 83rd October 2012 to 15th May 2013
Season 98th October 2013 to 20th May 2014
Season 107th October 2014 to 20th May 2015
Season 117th October 2015 to 25th May 2016
Season 1213th October 2016
Season 1312th October 2017
Season 1411th October 2018 to 25th April 2019
Season 1510th October 2019 to 19th November 2020

Supernatural Season 16 Trailer

Right now there is no trailer is available, but if any information about the show is released, we will know about the trailer. As we don’t have any exact information so we can’t inform you at the moment but if any trailer is released in the future it will definitely be updated on our website. If you want, you can enjoy the previous trailer of this series.

Why Was Season 16 of Supernatural Cancelled?

The makers have not officially released any information about Supernatural Season 16, So it would not be wrong to assume that the show is canceled now. However, viewers should be satisfied with the full-scale answer given to them in the previous season.

Also, the show’s two main characters, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, who have established lives in Supernatural, are currently busy spending time with their families. So no one knows the exact reason yet.

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Where to Watch Supernatural 16?

The series premiered on The WB on September 13, 2005, and later CW has adopted the show. All episodes from season 1 to season 15 of Supernatural series are available to watch on CW network.

Supernatural Season 16 Episodes

No information related to Supernatural season 16 episodes has been release. If the show is renewed in the future, it will again be accessible on the CW with over twenty episodes and running time of 38 to 45 minutes. The Supernatural series aired for fifteen seasons with a total of 327 episodes. Here previous seasons with episodes are mentioned below:

Supernatural SeasonsEpisodes
Season 122
Season 2 22
Season 316
Season 422
Season 5 22
Season 622
Season 7 23
Season 8 23
Season 9 23
Season 10 23
Season 11 23
Season 1223
Season 1323
Season 1420
Season 15 20


We have tried to give all information about Supernatural Season 16 in this article. From this season we see the dire consequences of going against the forces of nature. Adverse circumstances take a dire turn when many supernatural beings encounter the dark world and bring danger.

However, this event will inform us about many more new information in future. Keep an eye on our website for more updates. Thank you! Visit again.


Q: Is Supernatural coming back in 2023?

Ans: There is no exact information. Maybe the Winchesters will return to the CW in 2023 with new episodes.

Does Supernatural ever end?

Ans: It will never end because when Supernatural’s story ends, Winchester’s begins.

Q: Who does Sam marry in Supernatural?

Ans: Sam and Eileen got married in Supernatural.

Q: What is the longest episode of Supernatural?

Ans: Lazarus Rising is the longest episode of Supernatural.

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