The Girl in the Mirror Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast & More

The Girl in the Mirror Season 2 is going to bring the thriller, horror and supernatural genres into an intriguing plot.

The Spanish supernatural thriller television series The Girl in the Mirror premiered on Netflix on August 19, 2022. The show was created by Sergio G. Sánchez and written by Teresa de Rosendo, Sergio G. Sánchez and Paul Pen. Mireia Oriol, Álex Villazán, Claudia Roset, Pol Monen, Roset and others played important roles.

Once again the audience is eager to enjoy the scary story of Season 2 with horror and suspense. This article will take you deeper into upcoming season of “The Girl in the Mirror”.

Overview of The Girl in the Mirror Season 2

Series Name:The Girl in the Mirror
No. of Seasons:1
No. of Episodes:9
Country Of Origin:Spain
Original Language:Spanish
Available Language:Spanish, English
Original Network:Netflix
First Aired On:August 19, 2022
Release Date:N/A

The Girl in the Mirror Season 2 Release Date

Netflix’s Spanish web series The Girl in the Mirror premiered on August 19, 2022. A lot of time has passed since the first season but till now the makers have not given any hint for the new season.

The audience is very keen to witness thriller, horror and supernatural stories so the production is sure to bring good news for the new season. We will have to be patient to see Season 2, maybe the show will come sometime in 2024.

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The Girl In The Mirror Season 2 Storyline

New story will continue with horror and excitement as before. We will see the show again from the previous season where Alma will be seen again in the lead role and he is about to learn the truth about a mysterious history and learn hard life lessons that will give him the strength to fight.

Also his life history will be revealed and any new suspense will follow everyone throughout the story. Audiences are going to relive the story’s sense of conflict, faith and strength once again.

Cast of The Girl in the Mirror Season 2

As there is no official announcement about Season 2, nothing is clear about the new characters. Although the show would be impossible without the important characters of the first season.

The lead role is played by Mireia Oriol, as well as the lead cast includes Álex Villazán, Javier Morgade, Pol Monen, Claudia Roset, María Milena Smit, Nil Cardoner and Elena Irureta, among others.

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The Girl in the Mirror Season 2 Trailer

There is no news available for Season 2 yet so there is no new trailer. Although there are some fan-made videos of the series where you can enjoy the show a bit, you can also watch the trailer of the previous season.

How many episodes does The Girl in the Mirror Season 2 have?

Good news for fans waiting for the show’s return as a recent press release revealed that Season 2 will have ten episodes. The Netflix show was first released on 19th August 2022 and viewers watched all nine episodes on the day of release. Hope the episodes of the new season will hold the viewers’ attention in the same way.

The Girl in the Mirror Ratings

Rotten Tomatoes77%

Where To Watch The Girl in the Mirror Season 2?

The Girl in the Mirror has been available on the official platform Netflix since its inception. Although no confirmation has been made by the network at this time. Second season will be definitely available on Netflix first when it is released in the future.

Is The Girl in the Mirror Worth watching?

The show is confusing and intriguing as it is dark, haunted and filled with mysteries of the supernatural world. Here surprisingly the mystery of the ancient concept of black magic is revealed. Also the program is enjoyable enough for children.


We have told you all the information about upcoming season of The Girl in the Mirror in this article. The show has progressed with mysterious suspense from the beginning. A variety of amazing and ancient concepts are brought back into the show in one form or another.

We hope the new season will be more in the future for more information about the show keep an eye on our website. Thanks for visiting.


Q: Is there going to be a season 2 of The Girl in the Mirror?

Ans: The Girl in the Mirror Season 2 has not been rerun yet but the events will pick up from the previous season.

Q: Does the girl in the mirror have an ending?

Ans: The show is gearing up for a second season but no announcement has been made yet.

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