Worthless Regression Season 2 Release Date in English

Good News! Worthless Regression Season 2 or Chapter 63 is already released. The Korean version of Manga is known as Manhwa and this Korean Manhwa’s recent landmark Worthless Regression successfully concluded its first season. Lee Sungmin’s important journey to start life with another chance to live in a new world is going to be relived in Season 2.

After experiencing an amazing arc with Wiji Hoyeon’s bittersweet reunion with Lee Sungmin, viewers are looking forward to new season. This article will help you to know about Worthless Regression Season 2 or Worthless Regression Chapter 63 release date, storyline and important information.

About Worthless Regression

Worthless Regression is a Korean Manhwa in which Lee’s life changes completely after Lee Sungmin is transported to another world and he becomes worthless in the new world. Despite his best efforts nothing changes in his life and finally he dies. Eventually, Lee Sungmin gets a chance to live in a new world, and he goes back to the past and restarts his life.

Worthless Regression Season 2 Info:

Series Name:Worthless Regression Season 2
No. of Seasons:2
No. of Chapters:62 (Season-1)
Country Of Origin:Korea
Original Language:Korean
Available Language:Korean, English is yet to come
Release Date:1st June, 2023

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Worthless Regression Chapter 62 Recap

We see the final fight between Lee Sungmin and Dopplegangler and Dopplegangler goes ahead without using all of Wiji Heyeon’s martial arts. With all this, Lee Sungmin is in terrible disarray seeing his training in the state.

Even though all of this was giving him strength mentally and in reality the big test in Lee Sungmin’s life. He will have to use the lessons he has learned so far in this fight.

Although Sungmin has to prove himself by defeating Dopplegangler, the ultimate truth is that his strength is already waning. After Sungmin got his new life he had to continue his training for 2000 years in the new world or the realm of time. Although Sungmin tries his best, Chapter 62 ends with tragic consequences.

Worthless Regression Season 2 Release Date

The Korean Manhwa has two seasons and season 1 has recently ended. Although Season 2 or Chapter 63 officially started on 1st June 2023 which is only available in Korean language. Although the English translation for Chapter 63 has not been released so it is not yet accessible on the internet.

We will have to be patient for the release of the English translation of the second chapter of Worthless Regression. Other online media are looking for the same thing along with the remaining episodes of Season 2 so keep an eye on our website for good news. We expect the next chapter of Worthless Regression to be available in 2023 with English translation.

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Worthless Regression Season 2 or Chapter 63 Storyline

While there are very few hints about the new season or chapter 63 of Worthless Regression, it’s safe to say that there are fewer spoilers than ever. We will see more new concepts of training arcs here. Lee Sungmin’s strong mind will be revealed in this chapter. Also, viewers are going to see how Lee Sungmin will reveal his life journey through torture.

Although all these experiences are now being enjoyed by South Korean viewers. When it is available in English language, the global audience will enjoy the authentic story. So we have no choice but to wait.

Where to read online Worthless Regression Season 2?

If you are interested to know where you can read Worthless Regression online then let me inform you that it has already been released in Korean language so it is definitely accessible in the same language.

Season 1 of this Korean manhwa is available on the official site as well as Korean webcomic apps. In this same way chapter 63 will be available to read online on the same publisher’s official site as well as the same app.


We have tried to tell you all the important information about new season of Worthless Regression. Since the beginning the show has progressed in a unique enough manner that it will carry a similar vibe in the future as well.

Currently only available in Korea, its English translation has not yet to be release. Any future information regarding Chapter 63 will be made available on our website at verityscreen.com. Stay safe and bookmark the website to get all the updates, Thank You.


1. Will there be a Worthless Regression Season 2?

Ans: Yes, because Season 2 released in South Korea on 1st June 2023, its English translation will be done soon.

2. When does Worthless Regression Chapter 63?

Ans: Worthless Regression Chapter 63 Released on 1st June 2023.

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